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The top 5 methods for recruiting on Facebook

The top 5 methods for recruiting on Facebook Social media has become a very important tool for recruiters and employers, allowing them to connect with candidates, build employer brand and share their vacancies online. Some platforms have proven to be more successful than others and recruiting on Facebook has been one which the majority of […]

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Why should I recruit a marketing professional for my recruitment company?

When you’re busy running a recruitment company your key priorities are usually managing your team, lead generation and attracting new candidates. However, the job market is becoming an increasingly competitive place for both businesses and professionals

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Recruitment Lead Generation in 2020

How a recruitment agency can generate more leads in 2020 There was a time when generating recruitment leads meant lots of cold calling and hoping that you had a winning script that could get candidates on board. But some years ago technology revolutionised the recruitment process and continues to change the industry to this day. […]

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Why every Recruiter should be using Twitter – Recruiting On Twitter

Recruiting On Twitter Twitter is the most under used social media platform by recruiters, which is more of reason to use it. While everyone else is spamming away sending out LinkedIn InMail’s the smart recruiters are building a strong following on other social media channels including twitter. For Twitter to be a fruitful prospecting tool, […]

4 Killer Marketing Ideas For Your Recruitment Agency

Great blog post by Katie Duke at Boomerang Funding If you want to make sure your recruitment agency sees success in 2019, you need to focus on effective marketing. Here are our best ideas for next year. One of the key things recruitment agencies need to think about in 2019 is how to market themselves. […]

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How to get Google to send you candidates for hard to fill roles

How to get Google to send you candidates for hard to fill roles For this Recruitment Marketing Strategy we are going to focus on getting candidate from Google Search This method will work when targeting potential clients and can be used with LinkedIn adverts as well as the Google Ads. Yes, this strategy involves buying […]

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6 Tips for Better Recruiting on Instagram

  In today’s society, we have now reached the point where recruiting on social media is no longer a novelty, but a necessity for a successful recruitment strategy. In the digital era, a recruitment strategy focuses on increasing engagement and clicks in order to attract the right people into a recruitment channel with the aim […]

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Recruitment Advertising On Any Website For Free

Advertise Your Jobs on The Top Websites FREE OF CHARGE   This method is perfect for getting more candidates applying to your jobs and it’s completely free. It will also help your Recruitment Agency when deciding what content to post on social media.   The perfect ratio for recruitment advertising on social media is, 90% […]

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The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Recruitment Agency Online

Marketing Secrets That ANY Recruitment Company Can Use To Improve Their Candidate Applications, Placements & Lead Generation Online

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How Can Recruiters Find More Clients?

  Find open jobs on job boards If a business has posted a job on a job board, they could typically use some help from a recruiter to fill the role. Call them up and see if you can offer your recruiting services, either in coordination with an internal recruiter or on your own.   […]