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Candidate Attraction

Every Recruitment Agency needs a steady flow of suitable candidates applying to their jobs.

However, Recruitment is one of the most competitive sectors there is, meaning most recruiters are fishing in the same pond of candidates as everyone else. Which makes it harder for you to attract the right candidates to your jobs.

We take a different view on candidate attraction. We go where there is very little competition, allowing your recruitment agency to be in front of the right candidate at the right time.

The 3 main ways we do this are as follows:

Candidate Marketplace:

Did you know that most Job Boards buy their traffic and candidates from the same place? They buy the traffic/candidates at a low cost, then pass it on to the Recruitment Agency at a much higher cost.

All the Job Boards are doing is acting as the middleman between the marketplaces and the Recruitment Agency.

Now, you can cut out the middleman and go direct to the source using us as the broker.

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook is one of the most underutilised platforms by recruiters who are looking for candidates.

This is crazy because a third of the world’s population is on Facebook.

The two main reasons why recruitment business owners don’t use Facebook are:

  • They don’t know how to use it to attract candidates
  • They think it will cost too much money

In our book Recruitment Marketing Secrets, we show the Facebook Marketing Strategy we are using for our clients to massively increase the number of candidate applications they are receiving.

At present, It’s only the big players in the Recruitment world who use Facebook to attract candidates. This because they know that it’s an untapped candidate marketplace.

Book a Call with us today and we will go through the Facebook Strategy that is right for your recruitment business

Twitter Marketing:

Twitter is another under used social media platform by recruiters, which is more of reason to use it.

While everyone else is spamming away sending out LinkedIn In Mail’s the smart recruiters are building a strong following on other social media channels including twitter.

For Twitter to be a fruitful prospecting tool, you as individual need to personally invest in it. If you don’t have the time to personally invest in it then hire an expert to do it for you.

Book a call with us today and we will devise a candidate attraction marketing plan that will explode the number of candidates applying to your jobs.