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admin January 7, 2019 No Comments

The recruitment industry has never been shy about embracing innovation: the internet arrived, and online job boards followed soon after; LinkedIn launched in 2003, and was almost immediately swarmed by eager consultants; and CRM systems, as we can attest, have been popular for as long as they’ve been available to use.

With new developments in data analytics, AI and machine learning, marketing technology, social media and more, the industry now benefits from a hugely diverse ecosystem of technology. The challenge for agencies in future will be keeping tabs on emerging trends, evolving their infrastructures to accommodate new tools, and adopting best practices.

So, which areas should recruitment companies pay the most attention to over the next year?

Here are just a few.

1. Recruitment marketing technology

2. Background check and assessment technology

3. Semantic search technology

4. Real time communication platforms

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