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Google Ads – Paid Ads

Paid Ads remains one of the key marketing pillars for any recruitment marketing strategy, and Google AdWords is the best you can use.

However, the number of so called marketing agencies out there don’t seem to understand how Google Ads work in recruitment.

The below strategy is one we have developed and should be the only way a Recruitment Agency uses Pay Per Click Ads on Google.

First, lets look at what everyone else is doing when trying to get candidates from Google Ads:

They create an advert hoping to attract people looking for the jobs they are recruiting, this usually involves adding a list of keywords they think people are searching for.

The problem with this is, the search keywords are too broad and they are not being shown to the target market. This means burning money with no real results

What we do instead

We create an ad on Google, based on what type of job your candidates are looking for. We then make sure to only target these people.

The next part is very important.

Once they click the link on the Google Ad we place an article from your blog in front of them instead of jobs.

This article will be carefully crafted to what the user is interested in, something like the pay rates of the industry they work in.

After they clicked and read the article we start the retargeting process showing them your jobs on millions of Google Partner sites.

Why this works:

They’ve shown interest because they did the search. They’re now familiar with your Recruitment Agency because they read the article on your blog.

And now they’re seeing your jobs everywhere, like you have a monster ad budget because you are using retargeting 

This works brilliantly and will result in a massive increase in the number suitable candidates applying to your job.

How we work with your Recruitment Business:

  • We develop a list for key phrases people would search when looking for your jobs.
  • Once we have a strong list of 20 key phrases, we create several Google Search Ads split testing which ones work the best.
  • We create 2 quality articles that will intertest the job seeker.
  • We set up the retargeting process
  • We create banners ads to run with the retargeting ads
  • We create the retargeting adverts leading the job seeker back to your website

Using google Ads can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.

Using our team and this method will insure you are attracting quality candidates from Google without having to spend thousands in the process.

If you are interested in getting this type of campaign set up for your recruitment business, please set up a free consultancy call using the button below: