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Find open jobs on job boards

If a business has posted a job on a job board, they could typically use some help from a recruiter to fill the role. Call them up and see if you can offer your recruiting services, either in coordination with an internal recruiter or on your own.


Pick up the phone and talk to people

While many people talk about how cold calling and cold emailing are dead, anyone who does it knows that this could not be farther from the truth. Cold emailing and cold calling will never completely lose their stigma but there is no question that they work



Works well if you choose your network and if you are a local recruitment supplier. From BNI to the local chamber event. The business network is another networking group that tends to work with, higher level, companies that use the services of a recruiter



Every Recruiter uses LinkedIn for lead generation, but it’s amazing how many use it the wrong way. If the below sounds familiar please stop doing it.

  •  Sending A Sales Pitch after connecting
  •  Engaging But Never Moving The Conversation Offline. 
  •  Not Following Up


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Most recruiters think Twitter is dead when in fact, companies post more jobs on Twitter than any other Social network

For recruiters who complain that “Twitter’s not working for me,” or “I don’t get Twitter” – most of them either don’t have many followers, and/or don’t have anyone in their target talent pool following them.

You need to build your twitter following with targeted companies and people just like LinkedIn.

Things you need to do each day on twitter

  • Follow your target market
  • ReTweet their tweets
  • Comment on their tweets
  • Like their tweets
  • Follow their followers
  • Message your target market every day (yes twitter has a messaging system that nobody uses.

We successfully manage 100s of Recruitment Agencies Twitter accounts with great success, Please Contact Us if you would like to have a discussion on how we can help grow your Twitter account. It’s cheaper than you think.



This strategy works. As recruiters, you are in the ‘people and relationships’ market where it works better than ever. Make sure your service is top notch before you use this one


Follow up with past clients

This one is so obvious that you might argue it shouldn’t be included. However, it’s surprising how many people fail to maximize the value of their network.

We are released exclusive FREE training to a select number of recruiters that shows you how to get notified the exact moment any past client past or present has a new vacancy


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This Free Training Will Show You How To Generate Leads For Your Recruitment Business On Autopilot

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