HR Managers are busy people. Not only are they having to manage the whole recruiting and on-boarding process, but they also have to deal with all internal policies, working practices, pay, employment conditions, equality and many other internal procedures. Does this give them reason to maybe be a bit touchy with recruiters? As a recruiter, you may have had some memorable moments with HR Managers, as they may not always be pleasant to deal with.

Do these sound familiar?

  1. ‘We’re not recruiting at the moment’
  2. ‘We have a strict PSL’
  3. ‘We don’t use agencies’

But is this always the case within business? Or are recruiters not making their calls good (or targeted) enough? Sure, it goes without saying that it can be quite frustrating for recruiters always getting knocked back by defensive HR managers, but it’s probably even more frustrating for HR Managers to receive numerous points of contact (on a daily basis) by different recruiters who often say the same spiel.

Did you know on average it takes 7 points of contact (in any case) to win somebody over? What makes recruiters think that they should be able to do it on the first or second call? It’s probably fair to say that this could also be a big contributor as to why HR Managers don’t like dealing with recruiters, because it’s not making them feel special enough.

They don’t say no to everybody. So, why are they saying no to you?

As a recruiter, winning new clients is important to keep your desk hot and to make money for the business. If you don’t win business or do deals, then chances are you won’t be with the company for very long. So, if you’re getting lots of knockbacks and feel like HR Managers are all nasty because they always say ‘no’, then maybe it’s time you change your strategy…

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