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The Below LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy if done correctly will provide your Recruitment Agency with a Strategy flow of new clients looking you to fill their jobs. We have been consistently getting results for our clients using this method.

No matter what sector your Recruitment Business is operating in, all recruitment business owners have 1 thing in common. Getting New Clients. To get your next client, you must first get your next lead. Without a “lead”, it is almost impossible to bring new clients on board. And the only way to land your next client (and the next one, and the next one…) is to position yourself in front of your prospects, convert a percentage of them into leads, schedule appointments, and turn them into a client.

With the Recruitment Industry being so competitive (Over 66,000 Recruitment Agencies operating in the UK Jan 2018) it is imperative that you have a plan in place to bring in new clients.

The Process we use daily for our client is very simple yet very effective, and if you implement it the way we advise you will be position your Recruitment Agency miles ahead from its competitors.


The Process:

  • Position yourself in front of your prospects.
  • Convert a percentage of these prospects into leads and appointments.
  • Turn at least one of them into a client.

The days of spam emails & InMail’s are gone. To grow a Recruitment Agency that stands out on LinkedIn, it takes work. Period. But you know that already, right? The hard part is competing with the large Recruitment Agencies with full marketing teams that these market leaders have. So having a LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy like this will help you compete a lot faster.

If you have a SYSTEMATIC approach for generating a consistent flow of opportunities and leads, your Recruitment Agency will be able to grow to the level that you’re aiming for.

The below Strategy works, we know it works because we are seeing results daily.

The Strategy

Step 1 – Building the LinkedIn List:

It starts building a list of your ideal target prospects. This needs to happen FIRST, or the rest of the system will be far less effective.

Most clients come to us with LinkedIn accounts that have 1000s of connections, however only 100 – 300 of these connections are potential clients they want to do business with. Have seperate accounts for clients and candidates.

Step 2 – Build A Leadership Platform (LinkedIn Groups)

Set up a LinkedIn Group targeted to the list you created in step 1. LinkedIn announced Jan 2018 that they are going to focus more on the promotion of Groups. See Below:

The LinkedIn Group will supercharge everything else you do!

We use a unique method to work our Clients LinkedIn Groups to dramatically expand their connections & target market.

Step 3 – The Messaging System:

“It takes 8-12 contacts to generate a viable sales lead” Salesforce.

Over a 10 week period, you will make contact with your new prospects/connections at least 8 times, allowing you to get your Recruitment Agency in front of your new prospects without looking salesy or pushy.

The first 3-4 messages are simply meant to develop the relationship and position you have as somebody your prospects can trust. The last 4 messages are where you go for the phone call, meeting or opt-in request.

The messaging systems we use for our clients are industry related and of interest to your new prospects. All message should have a subtle call to action, allowing them to show interest in your Recruitment Agency’s services

On average, 29% of prospects we have worked through this messaging system has agreed to a phone call or opted-in to receive more information about the Recruitment Agency.

Step 4Drip Marketing Campaign  

This is where the results start POURING in. Instead of sitting back and waiting, this proactive approach insures that you’ll be generating appointments when you want them.

This runs side by side with the messaging system. At this stage, your account and LinkedIn Group should have grown by around 5000 targeted connections/prospects.  Now you have to interact with these connections to build real relationships.  People do business with people that they “know, like, and trust.”  And by posting quality content that engage your target market will make your Recruitment Agency stand out as the authority within your sector.

Next step is to consistently post information & articles related to your sector – For this, we would create a posting calendar over a 10-week period. Posting once per day, every day for 10 weeks.

By consistently post information & articles you are being seen by your prospects and chances are the are reading the articles.


The Below Flowchart should the exact method we use for our Recruitment Agency Clients to connect, message, engage and grow their leads using LinkedIn.

This system is all about building long-term relationships and about changing or creating people’s perception of you and your Recruitment Agency. Neither of those things happens overnight. For this system to work, you’ve got to take a step back from the old, tired way of marketing on LinkedIn and adopt a new approach.

The question is not necessarily “How many leads can I get out of this in the next week or the next month?”

You should be asking “What is the value of building relationships with high-quality prospects in a repeatable and scalable way?” and “What is the value of establishing my Recruitment Agency = as a leading expert in my Sector?”

Switch your focus from making the immediate pitch to gaining a deeper understanding of your ideal prospect, who they are, and what they need. A little work on the front end to get clear on these things will allow you to reach many more prospects than before, in a systematized way. Do that, and you’ll stand out from the salesy masses, whether you see a quick return on investment (ROI) like some of our clients, or if it takes a few months to get things rolling.

Need Help Getting Set Up?

If you don’t have the time or maybe the patience to set up and see the strategy through to the end, we can help.

The Recruitment Marketing Experts are implementing this strategy daily for our Recruitment Agency Clients with remarkable success.

If you would like to set up a call with one of our Experts to through how we can implement this for your Recruitment Agency, please set up a call below



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