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LinkedIn is an inescapable part of day-to-day life for many recruiters. Whether it’s reaching out to candidates, network-building or scraping data to find suitable leads.

However, not all candidates are happy with the way that recruitment firms and associated companies are using LinkedIn to contact them – and the way LinkedIn is letting this happen.

As reported in, the ex-Head of the Federal Treasury, Economist Jason Murphy, has lambasted LinkedIn for the way it reaches out to candidates and users – and the manner in which recruiters use the site.

He wrote: “LinkedIn sells premium subscriptions to recruiters…to add value for them, it needs to let them spam the rest of us. And that is dangerous, because if it ruins LinkedIn for people like me, who will be there to receive the spam?”

Although LinkedIn boasts of its half-a-billion users, if notifications become redundant and start to annoy professional users, they will leave the site in droves. This would inescapably change the face of recruitment.

Murphy claims that the number of active users is already being affected by the way in which recruiters and professional firms operate.

He added: “LinkedIn — owned by Microsoft since 2016 — claims to have half a billion users. It keeps absolutely shtum on how many of those are active users, however. I bet most of us leave an account there but never really visit it.”

But what can recruiters do to ensure they’re reaching out to candidates effectively and to ensure the relationships they’re building are long-lasting and have a genuine value add.


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What can recruiters do to combat this? 

Quality over quantity

If you’re reaching out to candidates, make sure there’s a genuine reason to do so. Tailor that message to the individual, ask them how they are and what they want from their career. Don’t spam 50 users with the same message offering the same job they might not be interested in.

Be genuine

Show the candidate part of yourself. Whether it’s a shared interest, somewhere you’ve both worked or lived or an actual professional chat about the state of their industry, this will build a proper relationship and ensure they view your messages as a priority and not as a spam.

Build that relationship over time

Setting reminders in your calendar to reach out to candidates at three and six month intervals, not to offer them anything, but to keep in contact and see how they’re doing will ensure that they will come to you when they are interested in finding a new position.


LinkedIn Marketing is perfect for Business to Business lead generation, but if you are not doing it RIGHT you are leaving a lot of money on the table – Find Out More!

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