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Recruitment Marketing
admin November 4, 2019 No Comments

When you’re busy running a recruitment company your key priorities are usually managing your team, lead generation and attracting new candidates. However, the job market is becoming an increasingly competitive place for both businesses and professionals, and if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to start considering your Recruitment Marketing efforts as well. How can you do this? The most effective way is to hire a marketing professional for your company and perhaps over time you might even choose to expand this into a bigger marketing team.

That said, we understand that taking on a marketer is a big decision and important investment, especially if you want someone with experience in the industry. But taking your marketing efforts seriously is also an important step for your business. So if you’re still feeling unsure about recruiting a marketer for your company, we’ve put together a list of three reasons why you should.

1. They can help you to be more visible

The whole idea behind marketing is to sell your business or product, right? So by hiring a marketing professional they’ll be able to put a strategy in place to increase your visibility and get you seen by more candidates and prospective clients. There are a number of ways they can do this, through their knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) they can help your website to rank better on search engines like Google, so more people are seeing your site.

What’s more, they might choose to take a traditional approach to marketing by using advertising to get your name out there. They can do this through social media platforms like Facebook, which allow your to run ads for a reasonable price; they might also consider PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Ads. There are a number of options available to suit every budget and these can be a great help at expanding and reaching your target audience.

2. They can help you to generate leads

One of the most important aspects of hiring a marketing professional is to make sure their strategy aligns with your overall business goals. If you’re hoping to create a strong sales funnel that generates more leads and converts to on-boarding more clients, your marketing efforts can really help with this. Using some of the marketing tools we’ve already discussed above such as advertising and SEO, your marketer can increase awareness of you brand.

After this, they can begin creating great content for your business such as blog posts and advice articles, they can also manage your social media profiles to help build your brand and educate prospects about what you do. This is an important part of getting prospectives engaging with your company and seeing more leads converting to sales.

3. They can help you to attract candidates

As well as lead generation, Recruitment Marketing can also help with candidate attraction. Through the careful use of content creation and social media, your marketing strategy can also get candidates engaging with your company and joining your talent pool. Marketers can help to produce content that offers career advice or tips for job hunters, this can help to show your business genuinely cares about their job search and that you’re not simply trying to meet targets.

Marketing professionals also understand the importance of user experience and today’s candidates expect quick results. Using strategies such as chatbots or ensuring that someone is on hand as often as possible to answer queries through social media, can help to keep candidates connected and engaged with your brand, as well as improving their overall experience with your company.

Is it time you hired a marketing professional?

Taking into consideration all of the points above, it’s clear that hiring a Recruitment Marketing professional can be highly beneficial for your recruitment business. From making your website more visible to engaging candidates, your marketer can work closely with your team to help you reach your business goals.


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