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The top 5 methods for recruiting on Facebook

Social media has become a very important tool for recruiters and employers, allowing them to connect with candidates, build employer brand and share their vacancies online. Some platforms have proven to be more successful than others and recruiting on Facebook has been one which the majority of Recruiters seem to fear.

This is surprising given that there are over one billion people using the platform every day, offering a huge audience for recruiters. That and the fact that the creators of Facebook saw the potential to act as a recruitment tool and have done their best to accommodate this. If you’re hoping to give your hiring strategy a boost over the coming year, here are five of the top ways you can start recruiting on Facebook.

1. Use Facebook Ads

This is perhaps the most obvious method for recruiting on Facebook and it can yield great results if done right. Facebook ads are extremely clever, the platform gives you a range of targeting options so you can ensure you’re vacancies are reaching the right people. You can target individuals based on age, location, education, job title, even their life events! So you need to make sure you know who your ideal candidates are so you don’t set your parameters to wide. What’s more, there are both free and paid-for options when it comes to Facebook ads depending on your budget.

2. Meet candidates through Facebook Live

One of the top tactics being used for recruiting on Facebook right now is live videos chats. Sounds usual, but it can be a great way to meet candidates and interact with them. Facebook Live allows you to run events where candidates can watch either you or your co-workers live, perhaps talking through what you do, giving a tour of the office or offering them valuable career advice. How does this help you recruit? Interested candidates can comment below the video and you can answer their questions and interact with them in real time.

Best of all, this is a free tool and only requires your smartphone to make the live feed. Then once you’ve finished the video it will also be automatically uploaded to your timeline for people to watch at a later date if they missed it. A number of big name brands have already begun using this tactic to recruit and you should too.

3. Make video ads

Video has become an increasingly popular medium in recent years thanks to platforms like YouTube. Because of this, social media sites like Facebook have been seen to favour video content and give them more air-time on your feed. Promotional videos or video job ads could help you to attract more candidates, just make sure these are visually appealing. It’s also a good idea to add subtitles as many people will engage with video content without sound (usually when they’re out in public).

4. Involve employee advocates

Everyone builds their own network through their Facebook page and getting your employees involved can help you to reach more people. Ask your employees to like your agencies Facebook page and share your vacancies with their connections. This immediately increases your reach and the number of people seeing your vacancies. Not only that, but people might be more inclined to apply for a job that a friend has shared or recommended – even if it is a Facebook friend.

5. Promote your careers fair or events

Are you running your own job fair or exhibiting at an event? Facebook also allows you to make event-specific ads too, so candidates can learn about your events and share whether they’ll be attending. They can also share these events with their network, as well as like and comment on your event. This is a great way to encourage job hunters to come and meet you at the job fair and learn more about the opportunities you have on offer.

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