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In today’s society, we have now reached the point where recruiting on social media is no longer a novelty, but a necessity for a successful recruitment strategy. In the digital era, a recruitment strategy focuses on increasing engagement and clicks in order to attract the right people into a recruitment channel with the aim of converting them into applicants.


With the fastest growing social media network boasting over 400 million users, Instagram has become a powerful tool to help and locate talent all around the world. Instagram allows users to follow other accounts or search for images using relevant hashtags which makes it a great platform for creating awareness for recruitment.


If you are thinking of introducing Instagram into your recruitment strategy, then it is the perfect tool as it gives you access to certain demography when recruiting on social media. The following are tips which will help you better use Instagram for your recruitment strategy.


Develop Trust and your Brand

The first step towards influencing users on Instagram is by developing your brand and earning the trust of millions of followers. Instagram allows you to show the endearing side of your brand and users can relate more with your brand as they feel they know you better than an anonymous brand.


You can leverage the power of Instagram by giving your potential employees an idea as to how your brand looks like or work. This can easily be done by sharing pictures or videos of your team working together, accomplishing a special project or celebrating an event.


If your brand gives off a positive vibe, recruiting on Instagram becomes easy as users are more likely to apply for a role or position in your brand. As part of your recruitment drive on Instagram, you should be able to provide specific and sufficient answers to questions that may be targeted at your company.


Potential employees may want to know why they should take a job position in your company or what the work environment looks like.


Also, current employees can be encouraged to share work-related pictures or videos on Instagram from their own personal accounts which will display an encouraging work environment.


Include Relevant Hashtags

On social media, hashtags are great tools used to help people find and share any content on any social network. Hashtags are most helpful in recruiting on Instagram as it helps to boost the visibility of any recruitment strategy.


As an employer, you can create unique hashtags for your brands so that your content can be easily found by potential applicants. Hashtags also help to broaden your reach to Instagram users who are not following your brand online.


The best way to include hashtags on Instagram is by including them within the text of your bio as a part of a sentence. A hashtag should be simple, unique and relevant to your brand to effectively promote your brand.


Also, for recruitment purposes, specific hashtags should be created for related job openings. To reach a wider audience, hashtags can be career-specific or location-specific.


Share Links to your Website

To be effective at recruiting on Instagram, sharing links to your website is a good method. This is usually done by adding a link at the bottom of your bio as it is the only place where you can add a clickable link.


You can also add links to your posts and direct users to specific websites; however users will have to copy out the link and paste it to any search engine.


Adding links is a useful recruitment tool as it helps to draw attention directly to job advertisements and give access to a whole lot of potential candidates. Any added link can be directed to the brand’s website, career page and job application pages.


Make use of Targeted Ads

As stated earlier, recruiting on Instagram is a great idea but as the social media network is vast, your content may not reach the right audience thereby wasting precious resources.


If you want your recruitment strategy to become more effective on Instagram, making use of targeted ads is highly recommended. Using targeted ads for recruiting on Instagram allows your content to be received in a direct manner through effective touch points.


Instagram also allows the presence of a call-to-action which helps to optimize conversions. For this purpose, call-to-action buttons must lead to user-friendly landing pages that direct users on the specific actions you want them to take.


Choose Quality over Quantity

For better recruiting drive on Instagram, it is crucial to remember that quality always matter over quantity. It is important to make sure your posts are of high quality, simple and concise.


Information posted on your Instagram page should be limited to key elements about your business with a clear focus and connection with your brand. This will ensure that you attract a lot of good potential applicants for your company.


Avoid posting updates which are inconsequential to the core values of your company.


Optimize and Track Your Posts

Using the right metrics to track your recruiting strategy on Instagram is essential as it allows you to determine how effective your awareness is. Also, the time you choose to post on Instagram tends to have a large effect on how many people see your posts. It is essential to get your metric right as it can help you refine your recruitment process and improve your recruitment return on investment over time.


Many employers often have a hard time in using Instagram to attract the right applicants to their recruitment strategy because they do not know how to effectively develop their brand by making it attractive to potential employees.


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