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Recruitment Advertising made simple and cost effective.

Did you know that most Job Boards buy their traffic from the same place?

The majority of candidates come from Job Aggregators such as: Indeed, JobG8, CareerJet, Jobrapido and lots more.

The Job Board will buy the traffic from the Job Aggregator on a cost per click method. This traffic will then be passed on to the recruiter in the form of an application who pay £100s for their Recruitment Advertising

To understand this process, you first need to understand how a Job Aggregator works.

Job Aggregators:

A job aggregator is essentially a search engine, like Google or Bing, but specifically designed to pull job postings from a variety of Job sites and job boards so they can all be viewed in one location.

User’s type in a query that may include job titles, locations, company names, etc., and then the aggregator uses an algorithm to pull together a list of the most relevant jobs from all the job boards. The job board who pays the most per click will be at the top of the results.

Once the candidate clicks on the job advert they will be redirected to the Job Board to apply for the Job. As far as the recruiter is concerned, the application came through the Job Board and not the Job Aggregator.

Why should this matter?

Because now The Recruitment Marketing Expert is giving the Recruitment Agency the chance to buy the same traffic as the job boards for the same reduced price.

This means you could be getting a placement for as little as 0.15p

You can now advertise your Recruitment Agency Jobs on All the Below Websites for as little as £0.15p



Not only do get all your Jobs advertised on the above websites, you will get all your jobs emailed directly to millions of candidates as well. Not bad for £0.15p!

If you would like to find out more about getting all your vacancies advertised please fill out the below form and set up a call with the Recruitment Marketing Expert who will go through the process in full detail.


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