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Advertise Your Jobs on The Top Websites FREE OF CHARGE


This method is perfect for getting more candidates applying to your jobs and it’s completely free. It will also help your Recruitment Agency when deciding what content to post on social media.


The perfect ratio for recruitment advertising on social media is, 90% content that will interest your followers and 10% Job ads. However, most recruitment agencies post 90% job ads and 10% content.


This method now solves this problem, by allowing you to post 100% content and include your jobs on every post you share. It doesn’t matter if it’s the BBC, CNN or SKY website you can get your job advertised on them for FREE.


We have been using this method for over 1 year now and it drives a lot of targeted traffic to our website, and it will work for any form of Recruitment Advertising


What you will learn on this post:

  • What content to post on social media
  • How to include you job adverts for free
  • Software that will do everything for you


Let’s Begin:

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the past 5 -10 years, you understand how important a social media is to find suitable candidates.


There are lots of marketing companies out there who like to make the whole process as complicated as possible by using matrix, flow charts or graphs.


We’re not going to do that here. What we are going to do is show you a Content Marketing Strategy that most marketing agencies don’t want you to see.


The whole point of content marketing or social media marketing is to build a relationship of trust with candidates, that will hopefully lead them to want to apply to your job advert.


If you look at the below screenshot you will see an advert on the BBC website for the Recruitment Marketing Experts on the bottom right hand corner.


With this Marketing Strategy any article you share on your social media accounts will have an advert leading back to your website, and once set up, it will only take 15 minutes per day to complete, resulting in 100s of targeted candidates to your website.


Now Let’s look at how we would do this to promote a job opening. For this example, we are going to use a “Quantity Surveyor” job advert.


To start with you will find a news article that would interest Quantity Surveyors:

A quick Google search will provide you with the results you need:


The next step is to take the link and plug it into the software you are about it learn about. That’s it, you now have your job advert on the website free of charge, see below.



Now start sharing this link across all your social media accounts. Also, make sure that every member of staff is sharing the link over LinkedIn.


You can view the above example live at:


How its done:

To run this Marketing Strategy, you are going to need a very useful piece of software:

Linkgage: This software will create the links for you. It allows you to Leverage other high converting content to promote your Recruitment Business. Use it to send candidates to any job on your website.

Linkgage is a very smart piece of Software to have in your marketing arsenal.

It will take any website link and allow you to add your own advert to it.


Step 1: 

First you will need to create an account at:

Once you have created an account you will need to set up a bubble. This will be the logo that will be shown on all your ads:

Step 2:

Next Step is to Create a new Bubble:

The new bubble should look something like:

Now is where the fun starts, lets create a new link:

Step: 3 – Click Links on left Navigation Bar.

Step: 4 Create Link.

Once the link has been created you will be provided with a link to share on social media, this link will have your advert embedded on the page:


You can now share with all your social media accounts using the icons provided under the link:


It’s that easy and once you have it set up it takes as little as 15 minutes every day to post.


What you need:

The only thing you will need to complete this process is the Linkage software, you can sign up using this link:


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