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Recruitment Chatbots:

We are pretty sure everyone is aware of what chatbots are and what they do.

But, what are recruitment chatbots about?

Let’s put it out in simple words. Recruitment chatbots are considered as a recruiters dream assistant, that will talk to and qualify your candidates 24 hours per.


Below are some examples of Recruitment Chatbots we have created for Recruitment Agencies

Screening candidate applications

Once candidates applys for a job, chatbots can initiate a conversation with them. The chatbot will ask the candidate several questions, such as work experience, previous company details, interest areas to name a few. Once the conversation is complete The chatbot can then direct the candidate to the most suitable jobs on their website

Scheduling Interviews

Chatbots can access the calendar of recruiters to check for their availability. Accordingly, they can then schedule an interview date and time for relevant candidates.

Answering Queries

Before submitting an application for a job, the candidate might have a few queries or doubts about the position, work environment and salary or hours. Recruiters don’t have the time to chat with every candidate. However, with chatbots, recruiters gain some much needed assistance with instant replies answering the most frequently asked questions

Improving Candidate Experience

To stand out of from the noise online, recruiters should potentially tweak their recruitment strategy and make it more candidate friendly, and chatbots are very good at doing this.

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