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Every Recruitment Agency needs a steady flow of leads in order to survive in this ever-growing competitive marketplace. So it’s very important to have a Recruitment Lead Generation Method that works

Imagine being able to choose which jobs you want to work and leave the jobs you have no chance of filling.

Imagine not having to cold call new prospects and just focus on the clients which your Recruitment Agency has already done business with. 

Imagine being able to know that exact moment a company has a vacancy before they get a chance to advertise it on job boards or contact your competitors about it.

Now you can with this simple method

The Recruitment Marketing Experts have team up with the guys at “What That Page” who provide a very unique and effective Recruitment lead generation service for any Agency.

WatchThatPage is a service that enables you to automatically collect new information from any careers page on the Internet giving you a very effective Recruitment Lead Generation method if used right

You find a company’s careers page add it to “watch that page” and they monitor the page for any new jobs being posted. Once a new job has been posted they will send you an email to let you know.

This valuable information is presented to you in an email and/or a personal web page. You can specify when the changes will be collected, so they are fresh when you want to read them.

The guys at have created the below video that explains the process in more detail.


The result are then sent to you in an email ( see below ) allowing you to contact the company and get working on the role.

As your recruitment agency has previously worked with the company all the important details will already be on your CRM.

I hope you can now see how powerful and effortless this Lead Generation Method is. Obviously the more companies you add to Watch That Page, the better the results.


Watch That Page allow 70 weekly downloads for FREE, which is enough for you to test and see just how powerful this lead Generation Method is:

When you want to add more companies to your search there will be a cost, but the good news is its as little as £76 per year.

And the even better news is we have secured a 20% discount when using the below link to sigh up

Click Here To Sign Up To “Watch That Page”

How Can The Recruitment Marketing Experts Help Grow Your Lead Generation?

When you start this, you will soon find out that it is a time-consuming process to go through each website and find the careers pages, then add the careers page to “Watch That Page”

We are currently working on behalf if a number of clients setting this process up for their recruitment Agency. We find all the careers pages work with “Watch That Page” to get company add to their accounts.

All the Recruitment Agency needs to do is sit back and watch the new leads land in their inbox every day.

If you would like to discuss how we can help do this for your Recruitment Agency Please fill out the below form to set up a call


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