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Recruitment Lead Generation – Sales Funnel 

Recruitment Sales funnels are getting bigger and bigger right now, and the simple reason for it is that they work.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the process a potential client will go through when they turn from your visitors on the internet into clients.
Your sales funnel exists whether you know it or not and how bad or good the sales funnel is will determine how successful your Recruitment business will be.

A working example of most Recruitment Sales Funnels is a recruitment consultant who keeps calling on potential clients in the hopes of moving them to the next step in their sales funnel, which would be the job order.

The problem with this sales funnel is, every recruiter is using it. Companies are receiving 100s of calls and emails every week from recruiters. While the sales call will always have its place, cold calling is becoming less effective.

The Smart Recruitment Sales Funnel:

This is providing something of interest to your potential clients in return for a phone call, meeting or email address. Using this method turns the table on the selling process as you have now been asked to provide them with more information on what you offer

How It Works:


The Recruitment Sales Funnel Explained


First you need to get your target audiences attention and the best way to do this is paid adverts using Facebook, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.


At this stage you want your new audience to get to know and trust your recruitment agency. It takes up to 8-12 times for someone to see your brand online before they begin to trust you and want to find out more. This is done by creating several high-quality blog posts that will interest and engage your target audience.


Your new audience is now reading, commenting and sharing your blog posts. Now we start to retarget these people with an Opt-in Page or Landing page.

An Opt-in page is designed to do one thing. Collect the information of people interested in what you have to offer. You can see examples of our landing pages below:


Now you have a Lead. Once a person Opt-ins to your landing page you can follow up with them depending on the information you collected, this can be in by email, telephone, chatbot or text. At this stage you will start to promote and sell your recruitment service to them.


Job order received and new client added to your database.

There are a lot of parts in the process to get right in order to make sure your Recruitment Sales Funnel will be a success.

Our experts can set the whole process up to run on autopilot for your recruitment agency. If you would like to find out more on how we can implement this into your recruitment business, please set up a call below.