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Recruitment Lead Generation
admin October 28, 2019 No Comments

How a recruitment agency can generate more leads in 2020

There was a time when generating recruitment leads meant lots of cold calling and hoping that you had a winning script that could get candidates on board.

But some years ago technology revolutionised the recruitment process and continues to change the industry to this day. In particular, new technologies have changed the way recruiters and job hunters interact with one another, how recruiters advertise jobs and find potential candidates. For this reason, you need to use this technology to your advantage.

Recruitment lead generation has always been a priority for agencies and those that work for them.

As this year draws to a close, you’re probably already beginning to put plans in place for your 2020 recruitment strategy and a big part of this is going to be generating more leads for your business.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide, offering five great ways you can make the most of technology, reach more candidates and generate more recruitment leads in the coming year.

Make the most of social media

Social media helps you to reach a large audience. While it is a good idea to try and build a strong and loyal following on your professional social media channels, it’s not the only way to make the most of social media.

Through posting job opportunities, useful content and company news you can quickly share information with people who are interested in your services.

Hashtags can also be a great way to reach job hunters or those who might be considering a career move in the near future. Not only this, but paid advertising is still reasonably priced on platforms like Facebook, so you can choose to use paid ads to reach a wider audience still.

Consider your content marketing

Content marketing might not be something you’ve thought a lot about as a recruiter, after all, your job is to find snd place candidates.

But if you can get this right then you can help your agency and services to stand out from the competition. Next year why not consider running a social media campaign, writing advice for career blogs that link back to your website or even writing for your own blog.

Generating leads doesn’t always just come from a job posting or cold calling, offering advice to professionals and job hunters can also increase the likelihood of them using your services, either now or in the future.

Another important part of content creation is ensuring that your website is optimised for Google. You want your agency to rank well so that you become more visible to candidates. One of the best ways to do this is by creating great content and optimising this with keywords related to the recruitment industry.

Understand how to network effectively

Another important way to generate recruitment leads in 2020 is through networking. This can be hugely beneficial for recruitment lead generation in a number of ways.

To start with, there are some recruitment agency specific networks that you should consider joining that offer support and a number of other benefits for your agency.

Through these you can share opportunities with local recruiters, benefit from discounts for recruitment services such as job boards and access a range of other networking events.

What’s more, you should also make the most of professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. These are easy and effective ways to connect with candidates and share your opportunities online.

Finally, be sure to attend jobs fairs and open days that allow you to get your brand out there, connect with fresh talent and help you build relationships with potential candidates. All this networking will increase your brand awareness and help you to add new candidates to your talent pool.

Use email marketing

Last but not least, if you haven’t already you should consider using email marketing as part your strategy next year if.

This is a very powerful marketing tool that allows you to reach potential candidates or even past clients by sending messages straight in their inbox. It’s a good idea for you to send tailored emails to individuals about your latest vacancies and upcoming opportunities to get them engaging with your brand and services. Just be careful that your email marketing efforts are always GDPR compliant.

In summary

By making the most of technology and effective marketing tools such as social media and email, you can help to attract new candidates, strengthen your talent pool and re-engage past clients. Networking is also a great way to generate recruitment leads, earthier you do this online or in persona at industry events.

If you want to learn more about how to generate recruitment leads for your business, there are some other resources you should consider as well. Training webinars like those offered by Recruitment Marketing, can show you how to generate leads for your recruitment business 24 hours a day on autopilot. Why not sign up here.

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