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Social Media Management

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the past 5 -10 years, you understand how important a social media marketing plan is to your recruitment business.

There are lots of marketing companies out there who like to make the whole process as complicated as possible by using matrix, flow charts or graphs. We’re not going to do that here.

Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

What do is take over the running of your Social Media Channels and increase the number of targeted followers and engagement.

The whole point of social media marketing is to build a relationship of trust with potential candidates and clients, that will hopefully lead them to wanting to work with you. This is done over time and can only be achieved by consistent daily work

Any effective social media marketing strategy comprises of 3 main elements

  • Content
  • Posting at the right time
  • Posting in the right places

You need to have be posting the right content that will engage your audience. You need to be posting this content when they are online to read it. And you need to be posting it where they hangout online. There is not point posting on Facebook if your audience is on LinkedIn.

What we do:

We create a social media marketing plan that is right for your recruitment agency. We then implement it by creating and posting quality content designed to grow your accounts with engaged targeted followers on a daily basis.

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