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“Candidate Capture Forms”

Do you run a Temps Desk? If so, then this blog post will help you explode the amount of applications you receive from your current advertising.

We have been helping our Temporary Recruitment clients explode their application numbers using “Candidate Capture Forms”

Anyone who has ever worked a Temps desk knows how hard it can be, getting that Monday morning call from a client telling you the person you booked in to work has not turned up.

So, having a steady flow of candidates coming through is a major factor in the success of a temps desk.

The method you are about to learn works well because candidates are lazy… They can’t be bothered to create or update a CV or they can’t be bothered to login and upload their CV every time they want to apply for a job. And statistics have shown that 72% of candidates applying for a temporary job do so on their mobile phone.

This means if you give a candidate an easy way to apply for a job they will take it, which will in turn explode the amount of applications your Temps desk will receive daily.

The Recruitment Sectors we have successfully implemented this strategy are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Security

The Process:

The process involves a simple one page capture form which can be easily displayed on a phone and easy to enter the details.

The only thing the recruiter needs to do is take the “Candidate Capture Form” link and post it on any job board, Gumtree or Facebook Advert.

The “Candidate Capture Form” has a brief description and 4-5 boxes to collect the information needed.

Below is an example of a “Candidate Capture Form” we created for a large Construction Recruitment Agency:

We run two adverts on Gumtree

  • Advert 1 asked for the candidates to get in contact by phone:
  • Advert 2 asked for the candidates to click apply and submit their details on the “Candidate Capture Form”


  • Advert 1 received 10 candidates applying through Gumtree and 15 candidates contacting the their office about the work.
  • Advert 2 (“Candidate Capture Form”) received 124 candidates filling out the form and submitting their details


The results clearly show that the candidate capture form is the by far the most successful and the reasons for this are explained below:

  • People will always click-through on a link if it’s something of interest, curiosity will always get the better of them.
  • The majority of people like to be contacted about a job
  • Temporary workers tend to be low paid, meaning having credit on their phone would be an issue.
  • The capture form is simple and easy to fill out on a mobile phone.
  • The advert takes the candidate away from Gumtree and all the other adverts from competitors.

We have run 100s of these adverts in different sectors and the results are always better than posting on the Job Board directly.

We have also found the running these Candidate Capture Forms using Facebook Adverts will explode the amount of candidates submitting their information.

Do you think that the “Candidate Capture Forms” would work for your temp desk?

We have created “Candidate Capture Forms” for you to use for Free. We have created 3 Templates below that can be downloaded and used today, all you need to do is change the locations.


Construction Candidate Capture Form:


Chefs Candidate Capture Form:


Factory / Production Operative Candidate Capture Form:


We are giving these away Free… Simply fill in the form below and let us know which Template you wish to use and we will email you the link to download and try for Free.

If you would like us to create a Bespoke Candidate Capture Form, please also state this in the comments box below

If you would like to discuss how we can help do this for your Recruitment Agency Please fill out the below form to set up a call


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