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#1 Cold Calling
Cold calling is what most recruitment agencies do these days but to be honest, most people are getting sick of it. Recruitment agencies need to understand how to do this effectively instead of just phoning up to get the answer ‘no.’ Preparation is key to everything but SO important to cold calling.

You need to understand what the client really needs so by sending out your profile is definitely not the best way to get yourself out there.

Cold calling is easy though. Simply type in to Google what you are looking for and voila the number appears. Pick up the phone, try speak a good word then if your lucky you may get a job order.

But if your not lucky then its a pie in the face. But its ok, most agencies are used to that.

#2 LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a great way to get connected with more people. Using LinkedIn has a much more advantage of connecting with the correct people you want to connect with.

Big companies have their profile on it, so it is very wise that you build up your profile and start maximising how many groups you join, as this is a great way to network with prospective clients.

I have seen a lot of companies or managers post on LinkedIn that they are fed up of getting a mail two seconds after accepting a recruiter with the typical message:

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#3 Twitter
Twitter is a great opportunity to promote your business so if you are not using Twitter then please get on it! Once you start on it, you will definitely be able to make the most of it.

Twitter includes #hashtags now which enables everyone to search using the # function. Automated twitter software can be made use of for managing multiple Twitter accounts. This helps you in expanding the network of your recruitment agency much faster than being a normal twitter follower.

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#4 Networking
Going to networking and exhibition events can be one of the best options when it comes to building up relationships with clients.

So many companies attend these events, however a lot more companies these days will pay to exhibit their services and products as this is a great way to start collecting business cards.

But … networking and attending events is time consuming and takes time to build up relationships, however it will pay off.

They say it takes 7 times before a company will actually get back to you so don’t give up!

#5 Email Marketing
Email marketing is a great tool to build up your contacts and send out regular updates on what is going on in the business etc. by reaching the maximum number of potential clients.

The trouble with email marketing is that you will always get unsubscribes however that is very natural so don’t feel disheartened! You also need to make sure that you are not sending an email every day as people will just get annoyed and unsubscribe.

#5 Content Marketing

Content marketing is HUGE these days and it is important we communicate in the best way to our clients and candidates. Are you doing blogs, video and even Facebook live challenges now to be different!

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