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We’re a group of underground Recruitment Marketing Experts, who are helping Recruiters across the world attract more Candidates & Clients using online marketing methods that nobody else is using.

Recruitment Lead Generation

You don’t need to be a marketing expert or spend a fortune to be successful!

Over the past few years ‘recruitment marketing’ has been gaining steam—and for good reason. Today’s potential candidates employ the same tactics when searching for a new job as today’s consumers do when searching for new products

To attract great candidates, Recruitment Business Owners need to apply a great marketing strategy to their recruitment process.

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing begins with understanding the difference between outbound and inbound.

**Outbound marketing is when you directly reach out to potential candidates through tactics such as posting a job, running a paid advertisement, or using social media reach out.

**Inbound marketing is when you create content that draws candidates to your job by aligning it with their interests and making it easily accessible online, especially on social media.

Both are needed for successful recruitment marketing but more importantly you need someone who understands how the recruitment industry works

Why Should You Listen To Us?

Our Team have worked in every area of recruitment.

  • We have owned Recruitment Agencies.
  • We have owned Job Boards.
  • We have managed the marketing for some of the world’s largest recruitment agencies.

The years of experience we have in Client and Candidate attraction allow us to walk this path of changing the Recruitment Market place from a resourced based model to one of a Marketing based model.

We believe that every Recruitment Agency needs to start Marketing themselves a lot better to attract more clients & candidates

The 3 main reasons which stop a Recruitment business from marketing their service are:

  • Time: You don’t have time to do it and unless you have someone that knows how to do Recruitment marketing the right way is simply doesn’t get done.
  • Knowledge: There are too many platforms and social media sites to know where to start or what you should be doing
  • Money: Hiring someone who knows how to do it can be a very costly experience and take months to see any real results

We have now eliminated these 3 barriers for any Recruitment Business. Book A Call Below To Find Out More

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