Recruiting On Twitter

Twitter is the most under used social media platform by recruiters, which is more of reason to use it. While everyone else is spamming away sending out LinkedIn InMail’s the smart recruiters are building a strong following on other social media channels including twitter.

For Twitter to be a fruitful prospecting tool, you as individual recruiter need to personally invest in it. Create a profile, include your company and job title in your bio and start following others and joining conversations.

Once you start tweeting, your number of followers will increase. Some people will be interested in your company news and others will want to hear your thoughts on the recruiting profession. But a good few people will hit the follow button because they’re interested in a career move and see you’re the person who can make it happen. You’ll get a pretty good idea of people’s motivations and can engage them when it’s appropriate.

Despite what you hear Twitter is not dead it’s here to stay and a simple Twitter marketing strategy will allow you to reach an untapped candidate database.

The best tool out there to find suitable candidates is FollowerWonk.

This tool allows you to search for Twitter users with certain words in their bio. You’ll uncover passive candidates and can find out if they’ll bring that passion to your team.

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