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Having an inactive social media account sends the message to potential clients and candidates that you are either no longer in business or just don’t care about your online reputation.

Typically, problems occur when owners/directors of a company don’t have the time to update their social media accounts with relevant content or they have placed their social media marketing responsibilities in the hands of their own employees , who usually have little or no experience in this type of work.

Another major mistake Recruitment Agencies are making is they are only posting job vacancies  to their social media accounts, which is only adding to the noise online and stopping them from standing out.

Sometimes, employees even will take it upon themselves to create accounts without asking, operating without management’s permission or knowledge.  This can hurt reputation, as there is no consistency in the message or proof reading from the eyes of those in charge.

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This is further compounded when companies allow in-house employees to create and keep the pass codes to social media accounts.  If that employee quits, is let go, or walks off the job, he/she take the social media accounts with them.

When socially active clients or candidates search your business on social media and come upon a page that is inactive or littered with old job posts, they get the wrong impression of your business (and it’s usually not a positive one).

Usually, this is a turn-off, as many clients and candidates will use social media an aid in their decision-making process.  These people will start searching other companies immediately, meaning you have already lost the opportunity to capture them.  The old adage, “you only have one opportunity to make a first impression” rings especially true today thanks to instant exposure and easy access of information in the social media world.

An easy way to avoid all these pitfalls is by hiring a professional third party to control your social media accounts, passwords and security settings, establishing a stronger and more secured, positive online reputation.

It is critical for companies to have senior management or a contracted third party keeping social media accounts updated with relevant information that is engaging your followers.  Not only will this increase your follower based but it will also make your business become an influencer within your sector, which in turn will increase the candidates applying to your jobs and clients using your service.

The amount of work that is necessary to do this frequently surprises businesses, as year-round consistency is extremely difficult to achieve in addition to other responsibilities of employees.  A third party allows a company to allocate all this work to an individual at an affordable price, with a contracted guarantee that information will be sent out and posted on all platforms with uniform consistency, creativity, and attention to detail.  This protects the company’s image, brand, and reputation while also further securing the pages themselves from tampering, spamming, or anything else that can send the wrong idea to clients and candidates.

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We recently took over the social media accounts on behalf of a large Job Board. This job board was only posting jobs on their social media accounts and not getting them the traffic and candidates they required. After 3 months we have increased the traffic coming through their Social Media Accounts from 2000 to 28,000 per month, giving them an 75% increase in the candidates applying to their jobs through social media.

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Find out how to get 1000s of Targeted Candidates applying to your jobs

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